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Introducing the Grenada Chocolate Festival 2022

So on our visit to Grenada this time round we were excited to soak in the Grenada Chocolate Fest 2022 showcasing its variety of activities and products. 


Did you know that Grenada officially has five chocolate factories? Having said that there are many locals, like my mum, who dabble in making their own chocolate. In my last posts about the festival and chocolate itself I had spoken about the benefits of chocolate. I still stand by those benefits by the way. This time round though I thought I’d focus on the latest exciting cocoa infused inventions:

      • OMI skincare
      • Ron Beard’s rum
      • Crayfish Bay Organics chocolate
      • And the frangrance and chocolate pairing event

Skincare products by OMI

Whilst browsing around the stands at the opening party of the Grenada Chocolate Fest at Le Phare Bleu, I came across a stand with the most amazing skin care products for face and body by OMI. Sheba Augustine is passionate about improving wellbeing and started her business 4 years ago by experimenting with different natural ingredients for body butters, facial oils, scrubs and face masks. What inspired her?

“I was inspired by motherhood – the need for clean non-toxic products for my daughter and also became more aware of the lifeline that self-care is” – Sheba

The products I tried out and can definitely vouch for is the facial oil, the lemongrass cocoa body butter and the lip balm and scrub. The face oil soaks into your skin so quickly leaving you with a healthy glow which make-up just can’t replicate! It is truly addictive. The lemongrass body butter just left my skin feeling fresh and moisturised. And after using the lip products I felt like my lip were reborn! OMG – seriously! 

Check her out at @omigrenada. If you happen to be in Grenada you can buy her products from the House of Chocolate on Young Street in St George’s or at The Closet at the Food Fair Shopping Complex (opposite the Raddisson resort).

Cocoa and Cinnamon infused rum by Ron Beard

The opening festival promised cocktails, ironically on World Cocktail Day. Being only a little stand tucked away toward the back of the festival it showcased a selection of infused rums with the most amazing combinations including my favourite – cocoa and cinnamon.

Did I want a taster – errr yes please! The flavour of the rum on the rocks just left you mellow and in that happy place – you know what I mean – and their special cocktail for the Chocolate Festival even more so with coconut milk it was completely vegan. Result! It was well worth it. The large bottles were priced quite steeply at EC$100 each, a little too steep if you ask me but then again I hadn’t come across rum infused with fresh fruit and spices in this way. However we couldn’t walk away emptyhanded so hubby decided to buy up all the small bottles. I must admit I am tempted to go back and get more – who knows maybe even a large bottle. 

I even spotted some more at the Grenada House of Chocolate in town. Personal recommendation – the rum you must try is the Cocoa and Cinnamon rum!!

Ron only started his business during lockdown, so is a relatively new kid on the “rum block” but don’t get it twisted – he is a serious contender. I asked him what motivated him to create this new brand of rum and he explained that as a rum lover and drinking it regularly his friends were starting to say rum was unhealthy. Really?! So he thought “why not make it healthy by infusing it with fruit, herbs and spices.” Who can argue with that, right?!

So if you love your rum please do follow them on Instagram at @Ronbeardcaribbeantum. Can’t wait to see what else you’ll create Ron!

Coconut cream chocolate by Crayfish Bay Organics

My parents had always told me about this little chocolate farm in the north-west of  Grenada, founded and run by an English inventor, Kim Russell, who used the most unusual scrap items like vacuum cleaner parts and microwaves to create machines to work on the humble cocoa bean and create truly magnificent lush pure chocolate. It was such a pleasure to actually meet him. His passion and love for chocolate literally oozed out if you pardon the pun. Check out his chocolate products in this video:

Well we of course had to try all three chocolates he was offering that night and grab one of the large coconut cream chocolate bars. Yum!

If you visit Grenada please take a trip to this chocolate farm – you won’t regret it. 

The Fragrance and chocolate pairing experience

One of the most elegant events we attended was the fragrance and chocolate pairing evening at The Tower in St Paul’s. We were welcomed by the host, Isabelle Slinger –  owner of The Tower, with a refreshing Blue Ice Tea, a tea made from a blue flower that grows on their property. After a long hot day I couldn’t get enough of it – it tasted unusual, floral but sweet. This was followed by a little tour of the gardens showcasing how some of these spices grow. Cinnamon, one of my favourites, fascinated me the most.

DBCD6A75-D164-4E52-8D34-BC9BA7C688F6Led by parfume maker Stephen Drikes from Euphorium Brooklyn and creator of Chocolate Parfum, we were literally taken on a sensory journey of a five-course fragrance and chocolate flavour pairing. It involved smelling different elements of cocoa and spices seperately and in combination with different types of chocolate. Did you know that depending on the scent you are smelling at that moment the taste of the chocolate changes? Literally – I was blown away. A truly lovely evening as a passionate fragrance and chocolate lover.

The venue itself was lovely too. The Tower own an amazing estate of fruit, vegetable and spice trees and plants. Nestled in the hills you forget you are actually on a small Carribbean island. Definitely worth a visit when in Grenada. The evening finished off with a gorgeous three-course meal that highlighted Grenadian cuisine and the opportunity to stock up on even more chocolate. This time it was from the Belmont Estate and Jouvay.






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