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All things cute and cuddly

Soft and cuddly makes the world go round. We all need that #tlc from time to time. When visiting the isle of spice you are guaranteed a variety of cute and cuddlies as well as the more “admire from a distance” kind of wildlife. It all adds to the charm of this island.

I use this term loosely as I wouldn’t generally class goats as wildlife but the concept of pets generally doesn’t exist on this island as it does in UK or US.

From the iconic Mona monkeys to the chirping tree frogs and crickets at night, butterflies and birds in the day time,

barking dogs casing out the neighbourhood,

cows looking for the next meal that literally stops traffic, sheep,

hens and cocks ensuring we know when it’s morning and time to enjoy a new day, lizards popping up along walls and fences (yes to all you Death in Paradise lovers – Harry’s family also lives here), crabs on beaches

and my latest fascination – goats who can entertain, amuse and amaze onlookers.

You’ll see goats pretty much everywhere on grass verges and roadsides. It really makes me reconsider curry goat – they are simply too cute to eat!!!

In fact, rearing goats is an important source of income for farmers here in Grenada providing dairy for the community.

The Grenada Goat Dairy Project

The Belmont Estate in Hermitage, St Patrick, for example runs a breeding programme providing goats from good milking stock affordably available for farmers and families.

So on your next trip to Grenada make sure to enjoy not just the stunning views, beaches and rum cocktails but also to appreciate the natural beauties of this part of the world, contributing to true spice island vibes.