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Afternoon vibes on Sandy island

If you are currently starting to feel the cold autumn breeze setting in and like me are daydreaming about feeling the hot sun on your skin again surrounded by peach and palm trees then please read on.

Let me take you on a journey to Sandy Island. Located on the west side of Hillsborough Bay in Carriacou this small island is the epitome of sand, palm trees, lagoons and reefs.

Not entirely sure how this mini island got its name but one thing is for sure – it is sandy – white powdery sand to be exact. You know that dreamy feeling of your toes sinking into pure softness accompanied by the gentle lapping of waves and the occasional sounds of birds diving into the crystal clear turquoise to catch one of the colourful dinners aka fish…?

As you are daydreaming let me tell you this doesn’t even come close to the real thing. Soooooo all I can say is time to snap out of daydreaming get on the net, book your ticket and get ready to explore. #nextstopgrenada

We caught a water taxi from a really friendly guy called Curtis from his little beach bar/ restaurant called “Off the Hook” near Paradise beach.

Trip took around 5 minutes max to get there. The water taxi fits at least 5 people so no problem for a group. having said that it’s the size of a fishing boat so don’t expect first class seats…

It’s a small island so bring your own “everything” basically – drinks, food if you really need it, snorkelling gear etc. You won’t find any amenities here. It will take about 5 to 15 minutes to walk from one end of the island to the other depending on how slow you walk.

The sand and palm trees are beautiful – it’s a chilled and quiet place to really unwind. We spent a few hours on this island but you can spend up to half a day there if you like.

Snorkelling was nice but having spoken to a few friends who went it really depends on the time of year to really see some amazing fish. when I visited in September I was engulfed by lots of little yellow fish and saw plenty sea urchins and a barracuda. I’m told around April it is amazing so if you do happen to go in April please send me a message or a comment below and let me know how it went.

The sandy beaches are really only facing the main island – the other side is mainly rocks and shells.

One nice surprise was coming across a cute little lagoon with pink sand.

I do have one important plea my jetsetters, passionate travellers and beach compadres – the beach wasn’t as clean as it should have been.

Some selfish people seem to think they can leave their rubbish behind or throw it into the ocean and it will magically evaporate.

Newsflash – it doesn’t so please support the Grenadian initiative to keep our beaches and the sea bed clean!

It really spoils the beautiful locations this Caribbean island has to offer. They also seriously harm and kill marine wildlife. Plastic does not biodegrade but just breaks down into smaller pieces which then enter into your food chain. Put you off your food yet?

Please take your rubbish with you and spread the word.

Thank you ❤️


7 thoughts on “Afternoon vibes on Sandy island”

  1. Nearly. It felt like it. A bit further along were a couple other people soaking in the view. To have an island completely to yourself check out my blog post on White Island. It was a dream! 😊


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