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Best of….Grenadian dining

Sitting in the hot sun, soaking in the relaxing and peaceful vibes accompanied with sweet calypso my mind keeps turning to these magic words for the summer – bbq time. Don’t you just love them?!

Just as you simply cannot enjoy a summer without a good succulent bbq you cannot enjoy Grenada without having tried their variety of places to eat. Forget Subway and KFC. It’s time to explore people. Whether it’s just a coffee, a snack or an all bells and whistles meal we have discovered some amazing places that will take you to that happy place of pure bliss.

So far we have mostly tried a variety of restaurants in the southern part of the island but still have a good number to explore.

So keeping it real – not every restaurant will tick the four ideal boxes: customer service, good food, good vibes and price. But having said that I was pleasantly surprised that nearly all we went to so far had something going for them. So I was rarely disappointed.

I love awards – they say a lot when it comes to standards and achievements so in the spirit of awards I have decided to publish the heartofgrenada awards for best places to eat and relax based on our experiences so far. If you have any of your experiences to share then drop me a line via the comment section. I’d love to hear of more places to explore.

Ready? Drum roll please……..

Best coffee on the island

Being a coffee addict, having a decent coffee is as important as breathing air. I am so serious. I always struggled for decent coffee in the Caribbean but that all changed. The winner for best coffee is at Saffron Cafe in Spiceland Mall, Grand Anse. A cute little corner cafe with tables and a bar to sit at, free WiFi, chilled out music and an ever changing variety of food to accompany your coffee. The owner, Lisa, was super nice and has embraced the variety of coffees, drinks, healthy food and indulgent food amazingly in my opinion. Variety includes dishes from all over the world. Prices are decent and good value. Open from Monday to Saturday from 8am to 6pm. A place I recommend going.

Best lunch

Now this really does depend on whether you are in town or at the beach and have encouraged many debates. BBs Crabback at the Carenage in St Georges right on the waterfront had an amazing lunch and has my vote. It’s open pretty much all day but I still prefer lunches there. More opportunity to soak in the views. Reviews are mixed on Tripadvisor I’ll give you that but having been a few times I must say that each time staff were really friendly and the food decent. Sitting right on the river front, arching a gentle breeze, looking over the ocean this is a perfect spot for tucking into a piña colada (best on the island) during lunch time.

A delicious lunch could cost you as little as EC$30. If you fancy getting in touch with your artistic side then just ask for a marker and choose a patch on the wall or ceiling to add your message or artwork. Foodwise I recommend the catch of the day especially Mahi Mahi, breadfruit chips and their split pea risotto (fab vegetarian dish).

Best pizza on the island

Well this award still goes to Prickly Bay Marina. Pizza is a food of comfort, something you eat when you feel like chilling out. This super chilled out restaurant, bar and live entertainment area by the marina in Lance Aux Epines has the most delightful thin crust pizzas bursting with delicious toppings.

If you get there early enough you can grab a booth which has charging units to charge your phones. Whether live bands, movie night or other types of entertainment this is the place to rock up in your t-shirt, shorts and flip flops and just lime. The rum punch is potent (I’ve warned you – duty done) and well worth a try. Prices are reasonable. Happy hour is between 5 and 6pm. A definite destination on your travel bucket list.

Best fine dining

Hands down this goes to Rhodes restaurant at Calabash in Lance Aux Epines.

We went to this restaurant for our 7th wedding anniversary and the romantic atmosphere, attentive service and simply divine food was certainly special. This doesn’t come cheap so be prepared to dig deep into your wallet but if you feel you deserve a treat and some pampering this is the place to go. And why wouldn’t you?! You deserve it – go on!

Best exotic food

If you like me can only eat so much of the same type of cuisine then you will be as ecstatic as I was to discover that the island offers quite a variety of cuisines such as French, Indian, American, Continental, Italian, Chinese and even Japanese food. So my vote for this category goes to Carib Sushi in Grand Anse. Just behind Spiceland Mall, in the Le Marquis Complex, you’ll find this cute little Japanese cafe style restaurant tucked away offering both sushi and cooked Japanese food. You can eat in or order as a take away. Food has been incredibly fresh and delicious and an amazing variety. Sushi is never cheap so don’t expect it to be but you definitely don’t pay more than you would at KFC in Grenada which is nowhere near as nice as this place.

Best beach food

A huge favourite for many here in Grenada is Umbrella’s as it’s right on Grand Anse beach, cheap and cheerful. Personally I feel the customer service is ridiculous though. If I’m paying it’s not just for the food but for the service too, know what I mean?! So not high up on my list.

If you like me like to splash out a bit on holiday, value good service and love to find secluded beaches then this bar in Lance Aux Epines is the place to pop to. The Beach Club set up by Chef Mark offers some amazing seafood combinations.

Service was top class every time I’ve been there, cocktails are fab and the view of the beach while your toes tuck into the sand and you savour tapas, a roti or an exotic salad is a memory firmly implanted in my brain. All I can says is “until we meet again”.

Best roti

That takes me straight to one of the best food inventions. I must confess I am a huge lover of rotis. It certainly is an art to get the roti just right – not too dry and not too soggy. Then there is the size, the meat or fish to potato ratio. It seriously is a science. So the Petite Anse Boutique hotel has got that science just down to the T.

Whether it’s chicken, fish, lobster, curry goat…your mouth will start watering as soon as you see it. Just reminiscing about it makes my mouth drool. Decent prices and sizes. You definitely won’t feel hungry after this meal. And all this as you look out on amazing views of the north of the island towards Carriacou and chat to some super friendly staff. And if you fancy a dip just pop down to the beach.

Best ambiance

Savvy’s at Mount Cinnamon hotel in Morne Rouge offers amazingly adventurous food combinations and ambiance. Tucked away on a hill this restaurant has breathtaking views over the coastline and takes Caribbean food to another level. Service is top notch here. Their seafood in particular is delicious and worth trying. My first ever experience of breadfruit soup here made me fall in love with soup again.

The restaurant curves around a lit swimming pool and fountain at night and at the weekend often has live music.

Best value for money

The restaurant at La Sagesse hotel at La Sagesse beach in St David ticked the box of value for money for me. If you’re staying in Grand Anse it’s a little drive but well worth it. It’s a restaurant on a beach, not a busy beach at that. Calm waters and not deep to swim in. Then you have that delicious food that you can already smell as you walk towards the restaurant oh la la – again please try their fish or their burgers. To die for! And when the bill comes you will be pleasantly surprised it didn’t cost you and arm and a leg. You’ll come across some interesting characters at this place aka regulars especially for wine o’clock. Hey it all adds to the experience.

It’s open from 8 am to 10pm. I recommend making it a day out. The beach is definitely worth it and topped off perfectly with their cocktails and delicious lunches. Top tip: try their Nutmeg Colada.

Best variety and entertainment

Having stayed at True Blue Bay Boutique resort in True Blue I can honestly say that Dodgy Docks has become a regular hang out for us. Have you been?

It’s open all day but I must say the owners have put real thought into this place from places to sit, lounge and making each evening special by giving it a theme.

Monday’s is pizza, beer and wings night at pretty low prices – just watch out for the influx of students from the university nearby. Not my personal favourite. Tuesday is Grenadian night introducing you to local flavours. Wednesday is street market night – THE night where you finally get to eat the bizarrest combinations of dishes. Just try everything. I really loved this concept. It combined trying local food with meeting some of the locals all while being at a marina. Price tag? Well surprisingly cheap compared to other restaurants. Even a bbq’d steak didn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

At the weekend you’ll get to enjoy live music and dancing. And all this right by the marina with a lovely breeze. Lunches are recommended there too – I would suggest to link it with a visit to their spa. Tip: The back massage and body scrub are absolutely fab.

Best kept secret

The Sel & Poivre restaurant at Secret Harbour Boutique Hotel in Lance Aux Epines is exactly what it says, a secret. Sssshhhhhhhh. It’s busyish but in my view advertised very little so when you do stumble on this relaxing restaurant right at the tip of a bay of Lance Aux Epines you are greeted with comfy sofa, space, a cool breeze and a menu to shout “Oh mama”.

My mum’s absolute favourite dish is the zingy Asian noodle salad. And I have to agree. It is an absolute delight. I could it eat all night. The fish has been consistently good and the cocktails…well they take you to another level.

Best BBQ and Sunday lunch

The Aquarium in Point Salines near the airport is known for the best Sunday lunch hang out spot. Serving a bbq for meat lovers, pescatarians and vegetarians with a fab salad bar it still makes my Sunday complete. Add a live DJ and waves lapping along the shore and it becomes the place to lime on Sundays. I found that the salad bar was so varied I didn’t need to order any extras so a lunch can go for as little as E$53. Now that’s a bargain.

Best fish & chips

As a Londoner you become a connoisseur on curries and the best fish and chips. So imagine my surprise that here in Grenada The Brewery Bar offers a mean fish and chips too. And I mean fish not just cod but Mahi Mahi, swordfish, you name it. While you’re there you must try their ciders. The Watermelon cider is my absolute favourite. This place is not a fancy establishment so no need to dress up ladies. It’s one of those places you can spend all evening in. Whether you just want to eat, drink and chat or catch a few games of pool too – this is the place to go.

Best authentic experience

And last but not least in any way I can only finish off with a place I recommend for the best authentic experience. The Lightship at Le Phare Bleu Boutique hotel. Based in Egmont at the marina you walk across a long floating deck to reach the restaurant on a ship.

The place opens on Fridays between 5pm and 11pm and has live music while you sit on deck gently rocking with the waves, taking in the slightly salty scent of the ocean under romantic lights and breathtaking sunsets.

Food is Caribbean cuisine and the fish is recommended. If you order beer you will get your moneys worth with huge classes. Cocktails are great too. Although a little tucked away well worth a visit.


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  1. Great post! Once things open back up, you should try the roti at Nimrods in Lower Woburn (if you haven’t already). Ms Bernadette makes a great roti — lots of flavor! It’s not a fancy place, but has a lot of character.


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