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The importance of Vitamin C

I think we can all agree that looking after our health especially amidst the COVID19 pandemic is crucial. So this got me thinking about the various ways to look after ourselves during ‘lockdown’ – a new everyday word in our vocabulary. How do you keep your body and mind healthy? I mean how much salad and cucumber can I really eat without resembling a bunny? Looking through my recent holiday photos I was reminded of the importance of Vitamin C aka Chocolate!

You laugh but did you know that the cocoa bean is actually part of a fruit on cocoa trees?

Before you start running towards your cupboards to grab for your Cadbury’s chocolate bar I must just clarify that I am referring to dark chocolate (the darker the better #darkisbeautiful) – for genuine chocolate lovers out there this is the best and purest form of cocoa pleasure.

Benefits of chocolate

Apart from being high in antioxidants which slow down any damage to your cells it also said to help lowering cholesterol levels, preventing cognitive decline and reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems.

It is packed with beneficial minerals like potassium, zinc and selenium – all ingredients for healthy skin, a healthy body and mind. It can even help you lose weight! Yup you read right. In small quantities just before a meal, dark chocolate can trigger hormones in our brains that tell us we are full and stop us from overeating. Timely tip during lockdown since my favourite destination seems to be the kitchen at the moment. So – guess what I will be trying tonight!

My favourite evidence for Vitamin C aka chocolate though is that it contains phenylethylamine (PEA) – a bit of a mouthfull to say. Essentially it is the same chemical that your brain creates when you feel like you’re falling in love. It encourages your brain to release feel-good endorphins. There you go – proof that chocolate is good for our mental health.

Grenada has four chocolate producers and ‘factories’ that I have discovered so far. My absolute favourite is the Grenada Chocolate Company. I love it simply for two reasons:

  1. It only produces 100% organic vegan chocolate
  2. It is small with extremely friendly staff who love their product

Next time you venture to Grenada – please do, I highly recommend it – this chocolate company is a must to visit in Mount Rose.

In a whistlestop tour you’ll be taken through the entire process from the humble cocoa bean to exquisite chocolate bars and truffles such as passionfruit, guava, Rivers rum, scotch bonnet and the favourite part of the chocolate – the cocoa nibs.

When you get to the end of the tour the best part is the tasting. It would be rude not to try every single type of chocolate. Remember it’s good for your mental health and good manners #stayhealthy ….

While tourism has come to a halt in beautiful Grenada my plea to you please is to support this amazing little factory by ordering online. It would be a crime to miss out on Vitamin C!


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