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The thing about nutmeg

It has been TOO long since I indulged myself in the world of blogging. With spring well under way and untold efforts to try and eat and live healthy to look radiant for the summer it got me thinking about the value of spices. Grenada, also known as the island of spice, has an abundance to choose from that help weight loss such as cinnamon and turmeric.

But it’s not all about weight loss – phew. It’s about feeling good and healthy and enjoying food and life, right?! So that got me reminiscing back on my visit to the nutmeg factory in Gouyave. Have you been? If not please make it a must see when visiting the island. What really is the big deal about this spice?!

Other than this unusually delicious smell you can choose to eat it in sweet or savoury foods, drink it in coffee, cocoa or cocktails, use it in cosmetics or soaps and even let it work its magic on your body medicinally. Amazing!

Most of you are probably familiar with the taste in sweet and savory foods. For some inspiration just check out some of the recipes on my Grenadian flavours- recipes blog post. Have you tried a nutmeg colada for example? Best one on the island I tried so far was at La Sagesse hotel but I am willing to be convinced otherwise if you have a recommendation. Just hit me up in the comment section.

This humble spice has so much more to offer though.

Did you know: The nutmeg grows on tropical evergreen trees and the spice is made from its seed. Nutmeg trees may grow majestically as high at 20 metres or 65 feet. They produce fruit eight years after sowing, reach their prime in 25 years and bear fruit for 60 years or longer. A valuable gift from nature!

The fruit looks similar to an apricot and splits in two when fully mature exposing a crimson-coloured aril, the mace, surrounding a shiny brown seed, the nutmeg.

So other than in cakes, ice cream, cocktails, curries and stews what else can it give you I hear you musing. Well, wandering across the market in St George one of the many sweet ladies there introduced me to the Nutmeg spray or cream also knows as Nut-Med spray.

This spray, a product from Grenada, is supposed to help arthritis pain, inflammation of joints, muscular aches and pains, backaches and cramps. At EC$25 a bottle at least – believe me we’ve tried to haggle the price down every time to little avail – it is a little bottle of magic as I discovered earlier this year.

After almost slipping a disc in December and determined to soldier through the pain this humble little bottle of nutmeg goodness got me through some dark days. If you’ve ever had bad back pain you know what I’m talking about. No matter how you lie, sit or stand every movement is a painful effort. After spraying on some of this nutmeg potion I discovered a bizarre feeling of heat and coolness at the same time which pretty much numbed the pain and allowed me to rest and function better.

Now I’m not saying you won’t need to see a professional; it really depends on your injury but what this natural spray does do, is eliminate the need to pop countless painkillers – something I discovered UK doctors are so keen to push you out of the surgery with. Gladly giving the pill thing a miss, this spray has been a permanent ingredient in my kitchen cabinet.

So if you are into herbal or natural remedies this is one for your medicine collection. I’ve seen it sold on Amazon but if you can, just stock up in Grenada. Treat yourself to a much needed relaxing break and mental booster whilst exploring the island’s spices and market stalls.


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