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Putting natural skincare on the Caribbean map

I must admit over the years I have been gullible for the next best thing when it comes to natural skincare products. How about you? Be honest – I won’t tell! 

Having sensitive skin I’ve tried almost everything I could get my hands on with varied results. I confess I’ve fallen for marketing mumbo jumbo and spend way too much money I care to share. So when I stumbled across a natural soap displayed in my favourite store in the Grenadian Spiceland Mall, Kristoff, in March last year I was intruiged and sceptical at the same time. Advertising Grenadian sulphur did trigger my hands reaching for my purse and buying a couple of soap bars. 

Ingredients include olive oil, rosemary extract, avocado, orchid extract and coffee berry extract, harvested from Grenada’s rich volcanic soil and supposed to treat inflammatory skin diseases. 

How to use? It’s a really heavy and thick cream so you literally only need a little to moisturise your skin. The tub looks small but trust me it will last you for a good while too. 

Overall verdict of these products? I most definitely will continue to use the cleanser and toner as work perfectly on my combination skin. I would recommend giving these natural and vegan products a try. If you’re intruiged then check out their Facebook page.



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