Putting natural skincare on the Caribbean map

I must admit over the years I have been gullible for the next best thing when it comes to natural skincare products. How about you? Be honest – I won’t tell! 

Having sensitive skin I’ve tried almost everything I could get my hands on with varied results. I confess I’ve fallen for marketing mumbo jumbo and spend way too much money I care to share. So when I stumbled across a natural soap displayed in my favourite store in the Grenadian Spiceland Mall, Kristoff, in March last year I was intruiged and sceptical at the same time. Advertising Grenadian sulphur did trigger my hands reaching for my purse and buying a couple of soap bars. 


Anti aging and helping with acne and 100% natural? Hmmmmm worth a try I guess. What makes a facial cleanser worthwhile for you? For me it has to deep cleanse my skin without drying it out as well as keeping breakouts at bay. This is serious, am I right? Getting your facial cleanser right dictates the rest of your day. First impressions are oimportant!

I must confess after trying numerous cleansers this soap did the trick. I was elated! I wish I had bought more at the time. The brand?  Avokado….a small independent business run by a passionate young lady in Grenada. When my cleanser ran out I could tell the difference – it was a disaster… 

A glimmer of hope came along when my mum started to put a Grenadian care package together late last year.  Although I was gutted to hear they no longer stocked this soap bar at this store, the skincare line had actually grown from one bar of skin soap to a full skincare range. Along came the cleanser, toner and face cream.

One month later of trying out the cleanser, toner and face cream here is what I discovered….

Cleanser advertised for anti aging and acne management

Ingredients include aloe vera to reduce acne and to improve skin elasticity, tea tree oil as a natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic and bitter melon extract to nourish your skin with vitamins. Like the sound of that. 


How do you use it? You only need a little of the cleanser to lather your damp face so whilst the bottle is fairly small I found it does actually last a good while. My face felt oddly fresh and clean. It still felt hydrated after using it and not squeaky (you know what I mean), a sign that your natural oils have been washed away as well as the dirt. It helped to clear up breakouts quite quickly. Result!

My rating 10/10  – it does the job. Very happy. 

Toner advertised to balance and nourish 

Ingredients include rose water, hibiscus and orchid extract to calm and hydrate skin as well as boost skin immunity. Certainly sounds refreshing and calming. 

How to use? After shaking the bottle, squirt a little on a cotton pad and wipe over freshly cleansed skin. Again I found my skin feeling fresh and invigorated. Yup it does work! 


I have three small reservations however:

  • The solution didn’t smell too enticing. I would have expected it to smell more floral instead it had little scent.
  • It also looked a little brown when coming out of the bottle after shaking. Maybe that was the natural ingredients?
  • And the bottle is definitely too small for the price. Toners always get used up quicker than the cleanser and facial cream so my recommendation would be to increase the size of the bottle. 

My rating therefore 8/10 – still a good rating but room for improvement.

Face cream advertised as a vegan product to tackle acne and dry skin

Ingredients include olive oil, rosemary extract, avocado, orchid extract and coffee berry extract, harvested from Grenada’s rich volcanic soil and supposed to treat inflammatory skin diseases. 

How to use? It’s a really heavy and thick cream so you literally only need a little to moisturise your skin. The tub looks small but trust me it will last you for a good while too. 


The cream itself smells lovely and has a very calming effect generally which I put down to the rosemary botanicals. If you are looking for the feeling of being at your beautician and treating yourself to a facial then this cream delivers from the scents perspective. 

It is a very thick and oily cream though which I personally found not ideal for combination skin generally encouraging breakouts. Having said that I can’t say that it has brought on more breakouts. It’s just made my skin a bit more oily, not quite what I was going for. 

My rating therefore is 7/10 as it is more geared for dry skin than any other skin type. 

Overall verdict of these products? I most definitely will continue to use the cleanser and toner as work perfectly on my combination skin. I would recommend giving these natural and vegan products a try. If you’re intruiged then check out their Facebook page.

In terms of the cream I’m more inclined to only use it at night and go back to my former moisturiser for the daytime…



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