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10 reasons why Grenada should be on your bucket list this year

Having survived 15 months and one day without travelling abroad anywhere (I’m clearly not counting!) – cabin fever does not even begin to describe how I am feeling right now. How about you? All in the name of safety though I keep telling myself…

As international travel is slowly easing up here in the UK now though and countries are slowly being added to the “Green list”, it’s only a matter of time when Caribbean islands will soon be added, right?

Grenada has been one of the few islands that so far has had a very low infection rate (161 past cases at the time of writing this post) and strict quarantine and hygiene measures. Impressive.

So if you are looking for a safe and beautiful destination to escape to this year here’s why you should choose Grenada. Ready? 

1. It has stunning beaches spanning over miles of which Grand Anse is one of the most beautiful closely followed by Paradise beach in my opinion. 

2. If you love to be active and explore nature the lush rainforest and its wildlife is screaming for your visit, including the intruiging Mona monkeys. 

3. And while you are travelling through the rainforest you simply must stop off at the Grenada Chocolate Company to indulge yourself in organic vegan chocolate whilst learning how Grenadians make deliciousness 

4. Spice up your life with nutmeg– whether it’s in cocktails, teas, coffee, chocolate, cakes, ice cream, jams, jellies, breads, curries or soups – it is worth the journey to learn about the humble nutmeg that takes your taste buds on an exciting tropical adventure.  

5. If you’re not the type of person to lounge on a beach for hours then #island hopping is your answer – explore Grenada, Carriacou, Sandy island, White island and Petite Martenique with one flight ticket.  

6. Bring out you inner queen and book yourself in for a Caribbean afternoon tea at Grenada’s hidden gem, The Tower. 

7. Whether rum punch is your potion, a classic or quirky cocktail or just a good old rum and coke, Grenada allows you to finesse your knowledge of quality rums by visiting the islands rum destilleries.  

8. It is time to be kind to your body and mind. With an abundance of natural ingredients growing on the island, you are doing your body a favour by booking yourself into one of the many spas on the island and getting pampered with the rich goodness of the island. 

9. Chase and immerse yourself in the islands beautiful waterfalls – if you enjoy treasure hunts or stumbling across stunning unique views then you simply must explore Grenada’s waterfalls.  

10. And finally if you are a foodie and love your fresh and unsual ingredients that produce stunning, unique and most of all delicious “rub your belly” kind of dishes then this is the place to be.


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