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Recovering from lockdown in style – an interview with Calabash

Screenshot 2020-07-10 at 16.10.39
Photo taken by Calabash

It has been a continuous debate globally whether a cautious or what I would call an ‘adventurous’ approach to reopening the economy is the right thing to do.

On the one hand we are all desperate to get out and get back to some sort of normality – let’s be honest who isn’t itching to get back to getting the full beauty works done or to just experience a night out in town?! On the other hand the virus ist still very much rearing its ugly head globally and causing a lot of chaos – personally I would prefer to stay well clear of that as much as possible.

Each island and country has its own approach. Grenada, as with many other Caribbean islands, has not been pressured into re-opening its borders to ensure the safety of the island. After an initial re-opening date of the 1st of July this was pretty quickly postponed which was widely supported by Grenadians. I must say I was impressed by this bold move too, as much as I’d love to jump on the plane and escape back to paradise.

That said other restrictions are cautiously being lifted in this little spot of paradise. Encouraging Grenadians to discover their beautiful islands all over again with the #paradiseathome campaign, there have been many opportunities for local businesses to re-invent their own business and showcase the rich local produce, drinks, breathtaking waterfalls and beaches as well as stunning views from different locations that Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martenique have to offer.

Calabash has certainly taken a more cautious approach of opening its doors to visitors but that is not without putting a lot of thought into the decisions made. Only fully opening early October it is turning its hand to different ways to support the island in the meantime…

What you should know about Calabash

Screenshot 2020-07-10 at 16.09.23
Photo taken by Calabash

This family owned luxury boutique resort has won numerous awards with Tripadvisor, Relais & Chateaux and most recently for ‘Leading boutique hotel 2020’ ( World Travel Awards) and AAA ‘Best of housekeeping’ for property of 2020 (Inspectors for Best of Housekeeping).

58A8F0B3-D49C-4D92-B053-C7F68EC2F9F0Having only 30 suites and 4 luxury villas within 27 acres of land it is the perfect place to socially distance without any stress. Located in L’Anse Aux Epines, south of the island, it boasts a beautiful white sandy secluded beach with amazing sunsets whilst sipping a cocktail at their Beach Bar or tinkering with an open air chess game.

6EC7D5A9-B3FB-4060-B175-90D2BA3FCBDFThe resort is known for the famous Rhodes restaurant located under a pergula of botanical lushness and overlooks the estate towards the beach. Whether you are into pure pampering at a spa, unwinding at a Yoga session, working off some of your cocktails on the tennis pitch or in a fitness room the resort caters to a high luxury standard.

I chatted to Adele Garbutt, the Director of Calabash, on how the pandemic affected the Calabash family and its future plans. Check out the interview on my YouTube channel. 








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