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Pampering island style

After endless stuffy, frustrating commutes, pushing and shoving onto Tubes or Overground trains, involuntarily being welcomed by armpit scents every morning and grumpy faces ready for an argument you finally make it onto the plane travelling to the island of spice, smiles, space and tantalising scents of the ocean, plants and delicious food. You’ve arrived in Grenada!

For me returning to the island is like returning home – instantly relaxing and forgetting the drama back in London this place knows how to revitalise you through nature and a little help from its beautiful people.

If you love nature simply soaking in a sunset on Grand Anse beach or venturing to the rainforest to explore its beautiful bamboos and other amazing plants will certainly do the trick to bring an appreciative smile back on your face.

For me it’s two-fold – being an island girl at heart the ocean literally beckons and so one of the first things my body screams for is jumping into the warm, calm, clear salty ocean. The endless view of the sea and its horizon is mental soul food that de-stresses pretty much instantly. And if you escape there round September and October time the beach and ocean is almost yours to claim. Priceless!

But as much as I love the ocean a little extra pampering is a must and I have yet to explore a few other spas. One spa I keep going back to because of its really friendly staff, excellent treatments and beautiful views is the Blue Haven Spa at True Blue Boutique Hotel.

It’s located in the south of the island in True Blue not far from the university and a location of true tranquility. As you venture up some stairs (no wheelchair access I’m afraid – yet) and enter into the relatively small spa you are greeted with a relaxing scent of aromatherapy oils, a view right over their marina and air con (for some this is a “cool” welcome). Apart from relaxing music you get to enjoy your hour or more in true calmness and peace.

You can either have a pedicure watching the ocean or try one of their three recommended treatments I have tried:

1. Facial – they make all their own ingredients from natural resources on the island so this is perfect for sensitive skin. Their concoctions are inspiring and every time I go I keep telling myself I must start making my own facial products – well – it’s still on my bucket list.

2. Body scrub – you will need to strip for this treatment – yup you read correctly – as they literally scrub your whole body with natural body scrub ingredients of sugars and cocoa butter and other goodness but don’t worry – you’ll still be covered where needed which my husband was relieved to discover. His initial face of horror and shock turned into relief and contentment after the scrub. You will feel reborn and ready to soak up the sun – responsibly of course!

3. Back massage – I’m not sure if the therapists have magic hands but the massage literally relaxed me so much I felt like staying for a long nap. Careful if you tend to snore – not that I do of course lol – you very well might drift into sweet sleep.

Top tip: Make sure you check out their website for any specials and always ask for specials when you get there. You don’t ask you don’t get, right?!

Prices are in EC dollars and reasonable for the service you get. You certainly won’t get these prices in London or the ambiance for that matter.

When you’ve finished with your pampering shimmey on down to Dodgy Dock for a cocktail to process your pampering experience. It would be rude not to! A nutmeg colada perhaps….

Grenada has a number of other spas to offer though so my quest continues. If you have any recommendations hit me up in the comment section or on Facebook.


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