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Chasing waterfalls

I must confess I do love the heat and crave the sun – the hotter the better I say. My husband is more of a breeze and shade  kind of guy so when exploring this Caribbean treasure we usually mix it up a bit. Best of both worlds kind of thing.

In addition to breathtaking beaches this island of spice is also the home of numerous dazzling waterfalls. I reject the notion of seen one seen them all – each one is unique if you take the time to listen and observe each one. It’s therapeutic I’ve discovered. And here in Grenada you have all the time in the world to soak it all in – no urgent phone calls, meetings, emails or appointments – aka it’s your personal time.

Renditions of tantalising tunes of exotic birds, a gentle cool breeze, majestic sounds of gallons of water cascading from up high into a cool but refreshing pool that you are desperate to dive into and surrounded by amazing colourful trees, bushes and flowers and you’ve embarked on a journey further inland of Grenada.

My first experience of a waterfall in Grenada was visiting the Concord Falls. No nothing like the concord plane. Mind you the water is probably travelling as fast as the plane was back in the day. What I can guarantee though is that it is a lot more awesome (or awesomesauce as my cute American friend likes to call it) and more inspiring as a plane will ever be. Frankly, who can match nature, right?!

Concord Falls is located in the parish of St John on the edge of the forest reserve. It actually consists of three waterfalls on the western side of the island – there really is one for everyone.

One for the comfort loving tourist arriving by car on a paved road and just popping down for a few inspiring selfies and a dip. It’s worth noting that there are a number of vendors displaying their spices and crafts. If you’re like me and don’t mind browsing for a bargain and bartering a good deal then you’ll enjoy these stalls. However, if you aren’t in the mood a simple friendly “No thanks I’m good” will do. I’m definitely not a fan of being hassled to buy something and have not experienced any hassling on this island yet.

If you are more of an adventurous tourists who thrives on hiking up forest and mountain trails to be at one with nature – the bigger and taller Au Coin waterfall is the one to head to. The 45 minute trail runs through a nutmeg plantation – one of the amazing spices that puts Grenada on the map.

You can explore this waterfall independently but it’s worth having a tour guide along the route to enhance your excursion with local knowledge of the amazing plants and trees and their uses. There is literally a bush, leaf, tree bark or flower for any kind of health benefit I’ve discovered. I am still learning and in awe! Who needs pharmacies if you have your natural pharmacy right in front of you right? Cinnamon leaves lower blood pressure for example. Sssshhhhh this will be our secret….

And finally Fountainbleu – the ultimate explorer destination designed for you if you thrive on hidden paths, off beaten tracks and surprises. This 65 feet high waterfall rewards you with a crystal clear water lagoon and an amazing view of a plethora of lush green jungle vegetation.

For anyone craving the experience of clearing your mind of all the city noise and chaos a recommended experience. If you are a city slicker like me you will find this experience seriously rejuvenating.

Whichever one you visit the absolute must haves in your travel bag are swimwear, suncream, mosquito repellent, water, EC dollars for an entrance fee (EC$2 when we went) and to pick up some cute souvenirs such as spices, vanilla, trinkets, fresh coconut water and t-shirts.

Most of all your camera.

Little tip – the much loved feet accessories aka flip flops might be worth saving for the beach here and exchanging for more sustainable footwear.

If you plan to visit all three waterfalls, my ultimate adventurers, then a light lunch would be a good idea.

Now in my last blog I described the driving adventure and this destination doesn’t disappoint. The road to the waterfalls is narrow, rocky and steep in places and literally the way in and out. Once you arrive there is limited parking, so if you prefer to cruise to the falls like me I suggest a tour bus or taxi for the day.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to plan a personal day at the waterfalls. Meet you there?!


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