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Kahakai vibes

Insta or google #bestbeaches and you will undoubtedly come across breathtaking and heavenly pictures of beaches that entice you to just jump on the next plane or daydream of liming on a sandy beach with the waves lapping gently along the shoreline.

Whilst browsing I was excited to see Grand Anse Beach as the “39th world’s hottest beach” ranked by the globe’s top travel professionals according to Flightnetwork.

Mahalo. Here I come…let me just get my bikini and shades. So this week’s blog is dedicated to kahakai vibes.

Amongst thousands of beaches around the world Grand Anse is an experience essential when visiting #Grenada. It’s as essential as rum punch….

The two mile long white sandy beach on the western, leeward side of the island offers heaven on a plate. Sheltered from high waves and strong winds it is THE place to go to float or swim in the calm turquoise waters or simply relax, toes in the sand, to soak in glorious sunsets every evening over the soft lapping waves.

Whether you are staying at one of the grand hotels or villas along the beach or just visiting for a much needed beach day by bus, taxi or car – it is really easy and accessible to get to. Unlike a lot of amazing sightseeing attractions in Europe parking isn’t an issue here. One of the public entrances is located right off the roundabout on Grande Anse Main Road. The car park has loads of space, is free, safe and even offers public bathrooms.

The other entrance is further down the side road opposite Spiceland mall and takes you to an amazing and lively sophisticated beach bar called Umbrellas with indoor and outdoor seating. If you’re on a budget but fancy friendly service and a buzzing atmosphere this is the beach hang out spot with fab fish, burgers, wings and cocktails.

The area has everything you need for your beach day – ATMs for cash to buy your rum punches. A pharmacy to top up your suncream or mosquito spray (tip try Picaridin from Sawyer – worked wonders for me and good for pregnant women too). Or if you fancy browsing through Spiceland mall filled with intriguing little shops, food places and a grocery store to escape the midday sun – it’s all in walking distance.

Secret tip for you coffee connoisseurs – check out Saffron Grenada in Spiceland Mall. Lisa, the owner, has made this cute little cafe/bar a refreshing chill out spot. You can follow her on Instagram at @saffroncafegrenada to find out about specials for the week.

But I digress – it is all about the beach right? So you’ve made it to the beach, sun hat, beach towel, suncream and your guilty pleasure, a pool float (not judging)…where to?

There is plenty of space for everyone – you won’t see rows of deckchairs and parasols. No need. What really fascinates me about this clean beach is its natural parasols. Along the beach you will find a number of sea grapes, almond trees and palms providing just that right amount of shade.

Whether you’re a true kahakai aka beach person like me who is happy with a space by a tree to leave your towel and jump into the ocean or more of a pool person preferring a lounger to keep the sand at bay – this place caters for everything. You can rent sun loungers but to be honest if you buy a couple of cocktails in the Radisson and possibly have lunch there they don’t mind you using their sun lounger especially in the quiet season.

One question I always get asked is if you get hassled by vendors on the beach. I have been approached by a few but in comparison to other islands it’s not been tedious.

So my beach ohana make sure you explore the entire beach. Check out some of the hotel bars and restaurants as well as beach bars and the local vendors’ market located past the Radisson hotel. Most of all just lime….

Soaked in enough sun and crave some ‘cool’ excitement? Then it’s time to dust off your sea mask and snorkel and immerse yourself in the world of colourful and unusual sea life.The Dive centre is just along the beach organising trips to some breathtaking dives sites including Bianca C, Shark Reef and the Grenada Marine Park I’ve been told but it’s still one for me to try out before I recommend it. And if you are feeling like your inner child is bubbling up you can always hop on a banana boat.

Ready? Let’s go…


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