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Island hunting – introducing White Island

One of my pet peeves is just seeing promotions for key tourist destinations and activities of a place or island. I mean really?! Where is the real local flavour?!

Want to get to know the island get to know the locals – I can attest to this being a much more enriching experience.

If you check out top ten things to do in Carriacou I generally always found the same destinations for tourists – so my first question to my local friend was where the real stunning spots in Carriacou were.

Presenting a stunning “hidden” island aka White Island off Cassada bay in the south of Carriacou.

This uninhabited island of circa 10 acres boasts white sandy beaches nearly the whole way round with a cliff standing to the east as buffer to the Atlantic Ocean.

A true island escape!

You access the island via a little water taxi from Cassada bay. We had a local contact, Timo, who is a fisherman but also provides cheap crossings.

If you are interested in going just sent me a message. Super nice guy. Crossing was pretty quick (5-10 minutes).

Once you arrive on this stunning island you can leave your beach gear in a little picnic area which the locals had built and doubles up as a nice shady spot. Next item in your agenda will be making a dash for a swim in the crystal clear turquoisy blue water. Ahhhhhh!

You are literally the only ones there so for half a day I felt like a queen of a Caribbean gem…ok I exaggerate a bit but you know the feeling I’m talking about, right?!

The water was choppy at the beach facing Carriacou while we were there (strong current) but no less refreshing and relaxing. If you love to “float” as my hubby does then this spot is more than likely a little trickier. It’s more of a riding the waves kind of area. Walk around the island a bit though – literally 3 minutes round the other side of the island and you’ll notice the ocean becoming really calm aka floating water.

It has a number or reefs which you can explore as a snorkeller. Lovely fish and local birds such as pelicans even give you clues as to where to snorkel. What a service! Apparently it’s a great area for lobsters so you definitely won’t be disappointed.

I was told Saline island, the island next to White Island, is even better for snorkelling and includes the amazing experience of swimming with turtles depending on the season. I will still need to explore that so will report.

Walking round this pretty much untouched island you’ll come across amazing conch shells – a delicacy to eat but also lush to look at.

Just a word of caution you can’t take them home peops. Yup I know that’s a bummer but it’s all part of preserving the environment.

So for all globe trotters, world explorers and fellow adventurers I’m sure you’ll agree this is a small price to pay for stunning views.

Another intriguing native will often cross your path – little crabs.

Overall verdict of the island having spent a whole afternoon here – well worth a visit when in Carriacou.

Just one plea to anyone that sneaks a visit to this “hidden” gem – please keep the island and ocean clean! Mahalo aka thank you.


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