Color logo with backgroundHaving travelled to pretty much every continent on the earth and experienced vibrant, friendly and adventurous cultures from South East Asia, South America to South Africa with the help of my fellow travellers from @tripadvisor I was given THE challenge. Identify the best destination I’ve travelled to. Now that’s a tough one. It’s like being asked what your favourite food is. I just couldn’t stick to one…
After much contemplation I narrowed it down to islands though. I’ve always considered myself an island girl at heart – the idea of exploring a small dot in the ocean has always intrigued and excited me. The big wide open space teaming with weird, wonderful and at times scary sea life. The sense of freedom and adventure. I’m talking about the Caribbean islands.

6DDB4316-4601-4993-9625-A68A1A9A1612_1_201_aIn fact I still remember the first time my feet touched the Caribbean. I remember it vividly arriving in tropical heat with the sun gleaming in a turquoisey blue sky, palm tree leaves gently dancing in the breeze and the laid back relaxing vibe just oozing as we made our way to the hotel. That day I fell in love. 27 years later, countless travel destinations explored and I still feel like the Caribbean is my love. So much so that I ended up getting married there and spending weeks on end as an island girl.

No matter how small the island may be it bursts with exciting culinary dishes, amazing spices (yes not just hot pepper sauce), rums, waterfalls, beaches, plant life, hypnotising music and most of all a real mix of interesting and diverse people. And if you are reading this blog you most likely have experienced this too at some point or are itching to give it a go.

img_9539So fellow adventurer and island ohana I set you the challenge of joining me on a journey through the Island of Spice aka #Grenada. It is one of my favourite islands. Having visited this island for the past three years I keep finding myself drawn to this friendly and lush jewel every year. Its vibes are so electric that my parents decided to pack up their life in the UK move there a year after visiting it for the first time.

Grenada, actually consisting of three islands – Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique, has over 45 beaches of which most are secluded and private. Whether you love to just float in the ocean or the excitement of #surfing this is the place to explore. It’s located in the Eastern Caribbean south of St Vincent and the Grenadines and north of Trinidad and Tobago. Island hopping couldn’t be easier and amazing sunsets, island views, foods and ocean life just don’t get tiresome.

So as a 36 year old seasoned traveller from London I am setting myself this challenge: explore every part of this mesmerising island and share it with my fellow adventurers. From the typical tourist top ten to the hidden gems. I am convinced you will fall in love with the island as much as I have…


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