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Visiting a touch of paradise…

Sitting in my colourful little sunny garden, enjoying the breeze and jamming to the tunes from my new little flying feathery friends, it got me reminiscing about my recent trip to Carriacou – a true touch of paradise. I mean what else can you do in lockdown other than dream of endless space outside, true freedom and tropical vibes without […]

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The importance of Vitamin C

I think we can all agree that looking after our health especially amidst the COVID19 pandemic is crucial. So this got me thinking about the various ways to look after ourselves during ‘lockdown’ – a new everyday word in our vocabulary. How do you keep your body and mind healthy? I mean how much salad and cucumber can I really […]

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All things cute and cuddly

Soft and cuddly makes the world go round. We all need that #tlc from time to time. When visiting the isle of spice you are guaranteed a variety of cute and cuddlies as well as the more “admire from a distance” kind of wildlife. It all adds to the charm of this island. I use this term loosely as I […]

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