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Heart of Grenada

So excited and honoured to be a finalist in the Caribbean Travel Story Contest. If I had to choose a highlight in Grenada it would have to be the breathtaking and stunning sunsets that just stop you in your tracks and make you seriously re-evaluate life. I mean sitting at a desk in a rainy cold city and soaking in […]

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Next stop Carriacou

Spoilt for choice is what holiday companies and airlines keep advertising – no matter the season whether you want to fly, sail, take the train or drive; whether you fancy that relaxing beach trip or are more a city slicker and love to explore architecture, history or local cuisine and music vibes…I must agree. This is no different when coming […]

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Afternoon vibes on Sandy island

If you are currently starting to feel the cold autumn breeze setting in and like me are daydreaming about feeling the hot sun on your skin again surrounded by peach and palm trees then please read on. Let me take you on a journey to Sandy Island. Located on the west side of Hillsborough Bay in Carriacou this small island […]

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